After much disturbances, I gave it a semi killing. I rendered it powerless but didn’t killed it. The cockroach was disturbing me and I never wanted to kill. I struck it but not to death. It went down and was struggling to gain back its stamina and walk again. I watched it struggle and I left for a while.

Surprisingly, after some hours, I couldn’t see the cockroach again. Lo and behold, the cockroach is gone but it took it hours, energy and hope. 

If a cockroach can’t give up why should we?


1. The world will try to bring us down. They will say all manners of evil against us but we shouldn’t give up. There’s hope for hope.

2. The fall of a man is not the end. He can still stand and walk and then hopefully run that’s if he doesn’t give up.

3. You have to stay balanced in life. Failure is not to kill us but to make us more alive.

4. Struggle, struggle and struggle. You can still live even when it seems you’re dying. Stay focused and get your life aright and aligned.

5. The only time you fail is when you refuse to get up when you fall. You have to stand up and stay up but don’t give up.

6. Make God your source and you will never be drained.
This is specially for you. Don’t give up.


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