Touching Lives

Do you ever know what it means to touch lives? Has anyone ever touched your life in one way or the other? Are you looking for a way to touch the lives of people positively? If yes, I’m sure this is for you. You have to read this till end without distractions. Will you?

I once lived a dog life. For many years, I was backing the wrong horse. I keep seeing myself as useful as chocolate teapot. That is, as someone who’s useless. I’d no plans for the future and all I see was a vague image. Yeah, I was living but terrified because I know my future isn’t bright. Failure sets in here. Inferiority comes in here. I called those years “wasteful years”.

But I discovered those years weren’t wasteful, they were only building me. Thanks to God most high. 

And here’s where I’m going. I discovered myself through Mr Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Maybe he doesn’t believe in God but he actually made me believe in myself. I started writing and from there I began to have a clearer future. I got something passionate. 

These points are for you if you want to touch lives;

1. Discover your purpose: I’d never met Mr Mark but he has made impact in my life. When you discover your purpose, you’ll touch lives than you know. Mr Mark is not aware of what he has done for me. God created everyone of us to make impacts and we don’t need to become famous before we know that. There are so many people who term success as being rich, wealthy, famous etc. No, that’s not necessarily success. There are so many wealthy people who haven’t discovered their purpose. 

If all you love doing is teaching pupils in nursery schools, it’s fine. You’ve discovered something you love doing. Go on and it’s not necessary you are celebrated by the world. You don’t have to see yourself on TV, or see your name in guinness book of records, or win Nobel prize, or have many followers on Facebook. No! There’s no point hoping to become someone else when you know you can’t be like him. You know, a watched pot never boils. Don’t hope in vain.

2Move On: I was dead in the water because I was unable to get into Tertiary institution of my choice. After the failure to make it to school, depression was just another nail in my coffin. But one day, I met many of my high school mates and they told me they wish they were me who spent days at home building the future. They said if they have the opportunity again, they would spend some years at home like me so as to build their lives. I was motivated and I thought, “this is a blessing in disguise”. It doesn’t matter what yesterday says, hey, move on. It doesn’t matter the names they call you, move on. It doesn’t matter your past, move on. Keep moving and those difficult times would be motivational stories for some people. Hence, you’re touching their lives. 

If you fail to move on, you’ve succeeded in stopping some people in moving to. And this means you can’t touch lives positively.

3. Do not bother what people say: maybe you’ve been told you have nothing to give. Listen, do not argue, do not bother, you only have to see yourself doing the best things you can do. You have to see the best in you and it’s not necessary if others see that in you. For you to touch lives, you have to put deaf ears to what negative people say.

Do not bother what people say, God already says the best to you. He said, “you’re my sons and daughters….I love you.”

4. Work On Yourself: if you’re to make an impact in your world you have to work on yourself. Work on yourself privately and your works and impacts will touch people publicly. It’s best to keep preparing for the future than the future to come and you start preparing. Be prepared Because a better day is coming. 

You have to work on yourself for you to work on others. 

5.Put God First: Yeah, without putting God first, we can achieve many things. But what’s the essence of life without having the giver of life? What’s life if you refuse to do the Lord’s will? It’s vanity. 

Having God will make us understand why we were created. There are many people who shouldn’t be doctors but fashion designers. But because they’re getting well paid, they think that’s God’s plan for them. God might want you to work in a small company just for His glory. It’s necessary to know God’s will. And God will direct our paths on how to touch different lives.

Your works are vain if you work for man but refuse to work for God and with God.

Touching lives is all about God touching you first.

Make use of those points and you’ll see a great you.

Will you like to add another point? You are free to write that in the comment. 

Impact words.

9 thoughts on “Touching Lives

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  1. I could not have put it any better. It is not selfish if you are working on yourself first so that you can work on others. As they say whenever you take a flight “put on seat belt on yourself first, then help others.”

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  2. This is absolutely awesome! I love that you said touching others is about God touching you first. Because it is true, that you can’t bless somebody else if you are not first blessed! Wowww!..Love this post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much for this. And yeah, that’s something important I’ve noticed. When God touches us, we know and fully understand what it means to touch others.
      I haven’t been able to go through your blog for days now. I’ve been busy just tried to keep my blog updated.
      I missed your blog and I’ll soon check out to learn more.

      God bless you

      Liked by 1 person

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