The power of a selfie with a smile.

A selfie with a smile speaks a lot

This is my story.

For years I’ve been thinking I am very ugly. I keep seeing the ugly me forgetting I have a beautiful me. I keep looking at the outward appearance forgetting the inner appearance. I’ve been in a vague image of the future. And the thought of being ugly hunted and hurted me. The thought of being ugly made me feel inferior and it affected my self esteem. I noticed there are many people in my shoes and that’s why I’ve planned to share this simple fact.

The fact

The simple fact is taking a selfie with a smile on your face. After taking this picture, have the midset that you’re very pretty. Be happy with yourself and in the mood of that happiness try to sit and imagine those things you can do. 

I’m sure if you build your confidence, you’ll become the best version of you. I tried this and it worked well and fine. 

Take a selfie and put a smile on your face. You’ll realize how beautiful and talented you are irrespective of what others say.

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