Pressure: a common disease

According to Oxford English Dictionary, pressure is defined  as difficulties and feelings of anxiety that are caused by the need to achieve or to behave in a particular way.  
“Life” …….. a mountain too high to climb for many people.

The average persons today faces a myriad of pressures and difficulties. For some, I’m sure, it’s just as if they’re living in a pressure cooker. 

The truth is that most of us face one, two, three or more pressures in life. Maybe life itself is a pressure but should that be?
A responsible man who has children, a wife and extended family to cater for will always want to go extra miles in meeting the demands of his family. Hence, causing a pressure on him. He’ll be depressed, terrified and disturbed and  may not be able to discharge his normal duties effectively.
 A male student who has a deadline to beat, parents expecting him to succeed, teachers expecting him to pass their courses, partner expecting him to spend time with her, friends expecting him ttalk with them always,  needs to create time for social and spiritual life. Of course, this is a pressure on such a student.


A lady who was told that she isn’t beautiful will want to look beautiful. She’ll spend her time on makeups and her outfits. She’ll spend half hour in front of the mirror, accessing all she could so as to look pretty. She’s been pressurized by the society she lives.
The truth is that our society has affected us negatively that we can no longer affect it positively. 

We’ve always been pressurized even before birth. Now, after birth, what do you expect? Pressure!
It’s time to live life like you’ll leave it someday, sooner or later. We should start living our live with little or no pressure. Although, without pressure many won’t work effectively.

Maybe a positive pressure is good but we shouldn’t allow the society  pressurise us unnecessarily by pressurizing ourselves. Pressure can lead to death. And you dying when pressurized means you haven’t fulfilled anything yet.
The best way to live your life is to live your life and not others’.

6 thoughts on “Pressure: a common disease

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  1. Love this post. It is so true the amount of pressure we deal with on a daily basis. It doesn’t even have to be society: it can be pressure from friends, family or other relationships.

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    1. Thanks for loving this.
      Yeah, talking about friends, family and other relationships, I still believe they’re still part of the society. In fact, these ones you’ve mentioned contribute more to our pressure.

      We can’t do without them but we can only try to help ourselves by not trying to please everyone at all times.

      Thanks for your words.

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      1. Yeah that’s so true!

        We need to ensure we feel pressure from no one especially the ones closest to us as that pressure is hard to avoid.

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