Move On

Let me share a little secret with you. Okay, I know I’m a small lad with little or no experience. But I believe experience is not about how many years you’ve used on earth, it’s about those things you’ve got in the years you’ve used. It’s not about what you’ve been through alone, it’s about what you’ve got from what you’ve been through. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s experience for me.

Many people are broken today because they refuse to let the past go. The truth is that the past has left them but they didn’t leave the past. It’s very dangerous for the soul, mind and body. 

No one is asking you to forget about the past because we all know the past is part of our life unless we choose to deceive ourselves. Sometimes the past may hurt and give a mark that can never be cured forever. Yeah, that’s true. But all the same, don’t live in the past but leave the past.

The dress your mum bought for you when you were younger it’s now old. It’s of the past and can never be used in the present because it’s no longer your size. It’s possible you see those dresses but you’ll surely know it’s no longer yours. If you can live your life like this, you’ll be happy. 

Even though you remember the ugly past, you’ll say it boldly that “you’re no longer mine. I left you behind.”

I’m sorry you were hurt. I’m sorry you were broken. But I can never be sorry if you refuse to move on. 

It’s hard to move on but it’s fine to move on. 

Don’t live in the past. Move on.

Don’t waste your precious time in thought. Move on.

Don’t plan to give up. Move on.

Don’t wait till you can no longer move. Move on now.

Forgive the past and let it go. 

Forgive yourself and let you live.

Learn from your mess and make it an experience.
The simple secret is in moving on.

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