How to make impact: the two steps you need to know

I have read a lot of books on “finding meaning in life.” I have watched a lot of videos about “purpose.” I have surfed the internet on “making impacts.” But the more I do these things, the more I feel more burden. Sometimes, I get frustrated. If you’re just like me, I’ve got this simple fact for you today. Let’s kick off.

Here are the two facts:

1. Bad is not always bad.

2. ‎Good is not always good.

1. Bad is not always bad
A young man discovered how poor he’s in character. He’s lazy. He’s a coward. He complains too much. He gets annoyed easily. Then he went to see his mentor. His mentor told him to stay in the forest alone for a year. It was difficult for him but he did it. He saw wild animals and got used to them. He saw darkness and understood the power of light. He saw no one and stopped complaining.

The forest shaped him. In fact, after that year, he later became a character coach. He developed the right characters. Today, this young man is helping a lot of people because he understood what it means to have a poor life.

Now, what’s your bad side? What’s your weakness? What negative impact are you having? Trust me, you can turn it all around. You can be positive. You can teach us with your experience.

Have you been smoking? You can turn it around and help other smokers stop it. Are you termed “armed rubber”, you can turn it around and safe other people. Turn your bad side around and you’ll see that bad isn’t always bad.
To make a positive impact, you have to start from yourself. Discover your bad attitude or character. Help yourself and then after you discover your growth, help others in growing.

Saul, before he became Paul, persecuted Christ’s followers. And then later, he became a great apostle for Christ. See, that bad isn’t for you. It’s meant for your growth. Don’t tarry there because you’re meant for impact.

This is the first step of impact.

2. Good Is Not Always Good:
There are times that we feel we are too good and fail to discover more of ourselves. God has planned best for us and not good. People tell us how good we are and we feel comfortable in such situation. Oh dear, you’re not meant to just be good, you’re meant to be best.

Yes, you have that gift. You’re talented. You have the ability to change your world. But if you ain’t using these goodness in you, then good isn’t good.

David knew what he has. He knew he was good but he didn’t stop there. He went further to prove that. He went further to becoming the best. He didn’t do it in selfishness, he did it in God’s direction.

Daniel was good but he later became the best because he carries the presence of God in him.

You’re also carrying the presence of God in you. Do not aim at being good alone. Aim at being the best and walk in God’s direction. Use your gifts for humanity. Use your talent to solve problems. Use your abilities to change your world.

Don’t just sit at setting selfish goals. Don’t just wish to be happy and rich. Wish to follow God’s plan and take that mantle. Explore what God has given you and you’ll become the Solutionist our world has been waiting for.
You’ll become the light in the darkened world.

Remember, good is not always good if you’re meant to be the best. Don’t tarry at being good, tarry at being best!


Move On

Let me share a little secret with you. Okay, I know I’m a small lad with little or no experience. But I believe experience is not about how many years you’ve used on earth, it’s about those things you’ve got in the years you’ve used. It’s not about what you’ve been through alone, it’s about what you’ve got from what you’ve been through. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s experience for me.

Many people are broken today because they refuse to let the past go. The truth is that the past has left them but they didn’t leave the past. It’s very dangerous for the soul, mind and body. 

No one is asking you to forget about the past because we all know the past is part of our life unless we choose to deceive ourselves. Sometimes the past may hurt and give a mark that can never be cured forever. Yeah, that’s true. But all the same, don’t live in the past but leave the past.

The dress your mum bought for you when you were younger it’s now old. It’s of the past and can never be used in the present because it’s no longer your size. It’s possible you see those dresses but you’ll surely know it’s no longer yours. If you can live your life like this, you’ll be happy. 

Even though you remember the ugly past, you’ll say it boldly that “you’re no longer mine. I left you behind.”

I’m sorry you were hurt. I’m sorry you were broken. But I can never be sorry if you refuse to move on. 

It’s hard to move on but it’s fine to move on. 

Don’t live in the past. Move on.

Don’t waste your precious time in thought. Move on.

Don’t plan to give up. Move on.

Don’t wait till you can no longer move. Move on now.

Forgive the past and let it go. 

Forgive yourself and let you live.

Learn from your mess and make it an experience.
The simple secret is in moving on.

Pressure: a common disease

According to Oxford English Dictionary, pressure is defined  as difficulties and feelings of anxiety that are caused by the need to achieve or to behave in a particular way.  
“Life” …….. a mountain too high to climb for many people.

The average persons today faces a myriad of pressures and difficulties. For some, I’m sure, it’s just as if they’re living in a pressure cooker. 

The truth is that most of us face one, two, three or more pressures in life. Maybe life itself is a pressure but should that be?
A responsible man who has children, a wife and extended family to cater for will always want to go extra miles in meeting the demands of his family. Hence, causing a pressure on him. He’ll be depressed, terrified and disturbed and  may not be able to discharge his normal duties effectively.
 A male student who has a deadline to beat, parents expecting him to succeed, teachers expecting him to pass their courses, partner expecting him to spend time with her, friends expecting him ttalk with them always,  needs to create time for social and spiritual life. Of course, this is a pressure on such a student.


A lady who was told that she isn’t beautiful will want to look beautiful. She’ll spend her time on makeups and her outfits. She’ll spend half hour in front of the mirror, accessing all she could so as to look pretty. She’s been pressurized by the society she lives.
The truth is that our society has affected us negatively that we can no longer affect it positively. 

We’ve always been pressurized even before birth. Now, after birth, what do you expect? Pressure!
It’s time to live life like you’ll leave it someday, sooner or later. We should start living our live with little or no pressure. Although, without pressure many won’t work effectively.

Maybe a positive pressure is good but we shouldn’t allow the society  pressurise us unnecessarily by pressurizing ourselves. Pressure can lead to death. And you dying when pressurized means you haven’t fulfilled anything yet.
The best way to live your life is to live your life and not others’.


There are many people who care less about us. There are many people who have said something bad against us which led to our downfall. There are times we’ll need someone to share our sad times with but eventually we have no one with us.

There are days I wept and cried because no one felt my feelings. No one cared. Then, I discovered that I’m responsible for my happiness. I need to change the way I think and start to depend on God rather men. 

I decided that I’ll help people and encourage them. I wanted to change my world. Then, I decided to reach out to people and touch lives. I knew there are many people in my state who need help. It’s not necessarily money, our words can actually change the world. Then, I created a Facebook page named IMPACT WORDS. You can like and follow the page through this link or follow my Facebook

So, why are we in this world?

We are not here for pleasure alone. We are here to touch lives and give hope to the hopeless. We are here to reach out to people and make impact in their live.

We are here to give joy and not sorrow. We are here to strengthen and not weaken.

We are are here to love and not hate.

We are in this world to change our world.

Let your words heal people and not kill them. Go out and change your world by speaking positive to someone who’s negative. Your words can change your world.

For us to change our world, we need to change our words“.

            O. Timmy Paul.

The power of a selfie with a smile.

A selfie with a smile speaks a lot

This is my story.

For years I’ve been thinking I am very ugly. I keep seeing the ugly me forgetting I have a beautiful me. I keep looking at the outward appearance forgetting the inner appearance. I’ve been in a vague image of the future. And the thought of being ugly hunted and hurted me. The thought of being ugly made me feel inferior and it affected my self esteem. I noticed there are many people in my shoes and that’s why I’ve planned to share this simple fact.

The fact

The simple fact is taking a selfie with a smile on your face. After taking this picture, have the midset that you’re very pretty. Be happy with yourself and in the mood of that happiness try to sit and imagine those things you can do. 

I’m sure if you build your confidence, you’ll become the best version of you. I tried this and it worked well and fine. 

Take a selfie and put a smile on your face. You’ll realize how beautiful and talented you are irrespective of what others say.

Touching Lives

Do you ever know what it means to touch lives? Has anyone ever touched your life in one way or the other? Are you looking for a way to touch the lives of people positively? If yes, I’m sure this is for you. You have to read this till end without distractions. Will you?

I once lived a dog life. For many years, I was backing the wrong horse. I keep seeing myself as useful as chocolate teapot. That is, as someone who’s useless. I’d no plans for the future and all I see was a vague image. Yeah, I was living but terrified because I know my future isn’t bright. Failure sets in here. Inferiority comes in here. I called those years “wasteful years”.

But I discovered those years weren’t wasteful, they were only building me. Thanks to God most high. 

And here’s where I’m going. I discovered myself through Mr Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Maybe he doesn’t believe in God but he actually made me believe in myself. I started writing and from there I began to have a clearer future. I got something passionate. 

These points are for you if you want to touch lives;

1. Discover your purpose: I’d never met Mr Mark but he has made impact in my life. When you discover your purpose, you’ll touch lives than you know. Mr Mark is not aware of what he has done for me. God created everyone of us to make impacts and we don’t need to become famous before we know that. There are so many people who term success as being rich, wealthy, famous etc. No, that’s not necessarily success. There are so many wealthy people who haven’t discovered their purpose. 

If all you love doing is teaching pupils in nursery schools, it’s fine. You’ve discovered something you love doing. Go on and it’s not necessary you are celebrated by the world. You don’t have to see yourself on TV, or see your name in guinness book of records, or win Nobel prize, or have many followers on Facebook. No! There’s no point hoping to become someone else when you know you can’t be like him. You know, a watched pot never boils. Don’t hope in vain.

2Move On: I was dead in the water because I was unable to get into Tertiary institution of my choice. After the failure to make it to school, depression was just another nail in my coffin. But one day, I met many of my high school mates and they told me they wish they were me who spent days at home building the future. They said if they have the opportunity again, they would spend some years at home like me so as to build their lives. I was motivated and I thought, “this is a blessing in disguise”. It doesn’t matter what yesterday says, hey, move on. It doesn’t matter the names they call you, move on. It doesn’t matter your past, move on. Keep moving and those difficult times would be motivational stories for some people. Hence, you’re touching their lives. 

If you fail to move on, you’ve succeeded in stopping some people in moving to. And this means you can’t touch lives positively.

3. Do not bother what people say: maybe you’ve been told you have nothing to give. Listen, do not argue, do not bother, you only have to see yourself doing the best things you can do. You have to see the best in you and it’s not necessary if others see that in you. For you to touch lives, you have to put deaf ears to what negative people say.

Do not bother what people say, God already says the best to you. He said, “you’re my sons and daughters….I love you.”

4. Work On Yourself: if you’re to make an impact in your world you have to work on yourself. Work on yourself privately and your works and impacts will touch people publicly. It’s best to keep preparing for the future than the future to come and you start preparing. Be prepared Because a better day is coming. 

You have to work on yourself for you to work on others. 

5.Put God First: Yeah, without putting God first, we can achieve many things. But what’s the essence of life without having the giver of life? What’s life if you refuse to do the Lord’s will? It’s vanity. 

Having God will make us understand why we were created. There are many people who shouldn’t be doctors but fashion designers. But because they’re getting well paid, they think that’s God’s plan for them. God might want you to work in a small company just for His glory. It’s necessary to know God’s will. And God will direct our paths on how to touch different lives.

Your works are vain if you work for man but refuse to work for God and with God.

Touching lives is all about God touching you first.

Make use of those points and you’ll see a great you.

Will you like to add another point? You are free to write that in the comment. 

Impact words.

You are blessed

Take a moment, think about who you are and not who you think you should be.

Think about what you have and not what you think you should have.

Think about what you’ve achieved and not things you think you should have achieved.

Count your blessings and name them. You’ll realise how blessed you are.

You’ve been given the gift of life, use it well.
Take a moment and thank the lord for his blessings upon you because  you are blessed.

Impact Words.


Have you ever been to a library without having any special book in mind to read? Of course I’ve been to a library unprepared. 

Funny enough, when you get to the books stand or shelve you’ll see different enticing books with great titles,topics and contents smiling and looking at you and shouting,”pick and read me“. Confusion starts here and you won’t actually know the perfect one to read. That’s definitely a time waster because you might have spent about 30minutes still unable to decide the book or books to pick. 30 minutes of your limited time is gone without any achievement. If perhaps, you made a decision, you might pick at least 3 books out of 10 that you liked. After reading like 10 pages of one, you jump to another looking for satisfaction. This goes on and on and you’ll find out you didn’t finish any of those books picked. Why? You didn’t prepare and decide and that led to time wastage and unsatisfactory. 

Also, a professional football team will never play a match without preparing. There’s probability that they won’t win but at least the preparation will boost their confidence.

This goes with life. For you to get something here, you have to be prepared. You have to be prepared there before coming here. You can’t be here and tell me you’ll start preparation. No! That will lead to frustration and frustration can lead to failure. Failure can also lead to suicide. We all know suicide is Death!
However, I have never seen any successful person in the history of the world who ever completely prepared. Maybe there is but I haven’t seen nor heard. To me, nobody ever did that and neither will you. You can prepare for the next 10 years and you’ll still not feel ready. This means that the best time to start is NOW!

But a big problem with a lot of people is that they do either one of two things when starting something great in life.

Firstly, they don’t take the time to properly prepare and just rush to start….which is a great mistake.

Secondly, they actually take so much time preparing to prepare that they never ever get started…..which is another great mistake.
Hint: don’t do either.

Instead,research first and then be impulsive.

Make enough preparations and get started but don’t prepare too much that You will never get started“. 

          O.Timmy Paul.

The only way you will keep going is by ensuring you’re preparing, growing and developing.

Don’t stay somewhere for too long without any necessary contribution to your growth. 
Prepare well and you’ll keep soaring high.

you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

The time to prepare is NOW!

The time to start is NOW!

Stay blessed in Christ!

Don’t just judge.

A lady from Australia once said to me,” I never met a faithful and honest  man from Africa. To be honest, you’re the first I’ll be meeting”. 

I was shocked and sad but I replied,” You haven’t seen because you have a different and contaminated belief. A bad orange in a basket doesn’t mean every other oranges in the basket are bad”.

I met an American on Facebook and I asked how she sees Nigeria and Africa at large. She also gave a shocking reply. She said,” I have been seeing from the news that Africa is poor. They lack many social amenities and it’s like an underworld”. When we chatted for a while and asked me some questions which I answered correctly. She was amazed because she thought I will never try to attempt her question let alone give a correct answer.. She thought we don’t have cars, good food, electricity supply, internet connection (also surprised I was on Facebook).

She said we are poor. And I replied,” America too has many poor men and women with their children loitering on streets. America has beggars who have no house to sleep than the road sides. We have poor people in Africa like we have in other continents”.

Someone said,” I will never marry again”. I was worried and wondering. He said this because a lady broke his heart.
Another person said,” I will never let my daughter marry a pastor”. I was worried and wondering. She said this because a pastor raped her.
Some white men see the Blacks as fraudsters. Some see us as unintelligent. Some see Africa as the continent that has the most stupid people. How true is this? 

We’ve been seeing and hearing this,”do not judge a book by its cover”. Many still don’t understand that. Many people have different poor and bad dispositions and sure they have reasons for their manner of thought. But don’t you think everyone ain’t same? Even twins will always have different lifestyles.
If things are getting bad, try make them good. Be the change we need in this perversed generation. Make a positive impact and let people see that everyone ain’t stupid.
Instead of saying bad things against yourself, family, country, continent etc, you can make a great impact by turning that negative thought into something positive and something worth it.
Please, don’t ever judge people because of their race, skin colour, religion or other differences. Your dispositions might be wrong.
We are different.We are not the same.You’re wrong if you think we are all same.
A bad Timmy doesn’t make every Timmys bad. A good Timmy doesn’t make every Timmys good.

Thank you once again.

It’s a great pleasure to see this again. Although, I’ve relented in writing yet I still have people who honestly followed me. I haven’t been writing so much because I still have a lot to do with my blog posts. I don’t want to settle for something small because I know I’m getting something big from my blog. I’ve been trying to get a good gadget so as to make my blog look okay and one of the bests. Also, I’ve been trying to make some studies on and how to develop the best of it.

I’m glad to have everyone here. I’m sure together, we’re going to reach the world and make it proud. Expect greater things very soon. Much love for all.


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