Women are strong

A woman will miss you and still act like she doesn’t care.
You’ll offend a woman and she’ll still be the one looking for a way to beg you.
A woman will tell you, “no food for you”. Anyways, she already cooked but kept it inside the toilet😂😂😂. Clean toilet though ( no germs).
A woman will call you “ugly” but she’ll keep thanking God for giving her such a handsome husband.
A woman will tell you, “go to hell” and secretly, she’ll be praying you make heaven.
A woman will call you “useless” at home but will tell others how useful you are.
A woman will smile just to see you smile but inwardly she’s frowning.
A woman will act like she puts poison in your food but in the real sense she never thought of that.
A woman will tell you how poor you are but she’ll always look for a way to make you rich.
A woman will fight you inside but make sure no one fights you outside.
Go to your mum,tell her you love her.

Go to your wife, buy her a nice gift. Go to the kitchen and cook her best meal.

Give your girl bestie a surprise call and make her laugh.

Plan the future with your fiancée.

And you’ll see how they’ll receive you.
Women are to motivate, be it their negative attitudes or positive ones.

Women are treasure. Be it your mum,wife, fiancée, sister, aunty or best friend. They’re strong and caring. I mean the real and good women.

Women are not always what we think they are. They’re not always what they say or act they’re. Real woman is inside of a woman.
Treat your woman like she’s all you’ve got in this world and you’ll see the real beautiful woman in her. Show some love.

Vague image of the future without education.

This is me right now in a sad mood.

The world we live in isn’t cruel but people who live in the world.

For the past years, I’d been unable to further my education. But now, I’ve been given admission in a Nigerian Institute to study journalism. 

I’ve been running helter skelter in order to pay the fees required in making this admission permanent but till today, I’ve never seen. The date for admission is almost closing. And the deadline for the fees is closer to me, leaving me in tears and wanting to hate the world.

No one seems helping and every steps seem abortive. What a selfish world we live, where no one care about the education of our youths. The youths are the future but it seems we don’t know this.

Many find pleasure in spending their money on pleasure material things which won’t be of benefit to them  than spending on a kid with a better future.

I’m afraid if this admission will go and maybe I’ll stay home without studying again. So sad.

But I’ve promised, I’ll help children go to school if I can be great. I’ll help children who are suffering from sponsorship and I’ll never pray they go through this mess.

I urge you to please help someone in need beside you today. Don’t spend lavishly but wisely. We have people who need your help, endeavor to help them because it’s your obligation as a neighbor. 

I’m currently having a vague image of my future without education.

Love has no reason.

I shouldn’t fall in love with you because of your physical beauty. I must not love you because of your smile. I shouldn’t love you because you’re intelligent. If I see any other person who’s better than you in these ways, I’ll also fall in love with them. Therefore, me loving you must have no reason.

You shouldn’t love me because I’m wealthy. You must not marry me because I’m caring. You shouldn’t love me because I’m muscular and handsome. If you should see any other person who’s better than me in these ways, you’ll surely fall in love with them. Therefore, you loving me must have no reason.

If you’re in love with me because of my beautiful face, what if the face gets burnt?
If I love you because of money, what if the money finishes?
If you love me because of my character, what if I’m  faking my character?
If I love you because you’re smart and intelligent, what if you turned stupid?
If you love me because I pray and go to church, what if I stopped going and praying?

Do you really understand love?
Well, love has no reason.

Let’s come together as one

Change in the world requires changing the world. Changing the world requires great people like us. 
We have different dreams. But when we come together as one, our dreams become one. That is, CHANGING OUR WORLD. 
It has been a question I’ve been asking myself, “will the world get better or get worse?” Also, “can we actually change our world?” Maybe if the world wouldn’t get better, I’ll have to. I’ll have to try and get things done. Even if the stains on my white T-shirt won’t be removed I’ll try wash and see if it can. 
One thing we have to understand is that if we are heavenly minded and earthly useless, we are nobody. The journey to heaven starts from earth. Many of us care less about the world we are…. We are too selfish, trying to get to heaven and leaving our brothers and sisters behind. It’s our obligation to reach out to others and change our world. It’s our duty getting things done and saving souls from destructions.
What are you busy doing on mountains? Asking for power? Looking for miraculous power? Wanting fame? Isn’t that selfishness? Where are you going to use your power? Is it not on earth? But you said you have nothing to do with the world.
If we refuse to make a change today, our children will suffer in pains. Our world will be in chaos and war. Tribulations will make many lose focus on eternity. Trials will set us apart from good. Regret will fill our mouths and we’ll always ask ourselves how we spent our youthful life.
Let’s come together and stop poverty.

Let’s come together and stop racial abuses, colour discrimination, religious vices etc.

Let’s come together and stop kidnappings, sexual abuses, human trafficking, drug trafficking,prostitution,cultism and other social vices.

Let’s come together and stop corruption. 

Let’s come together and be heavenly minded and same time earthly useful.

Let’s come together in love,peace and harmony.

Let’s come together as one in this world. After all the world is one.
Do you think it’s impossible? Well things are always impossible until we try them.
Let’s come together to bring about the desired change.
Let’s come together as one.

One day

One day, I’ll stand in front of you and say “I love you”. Not as your husband but as your president.

Are you what you say?

I was cooking the last food in the house. In fact, we were going to manage it because it’s not enough. After that food, we have nothing left at home to eat except to look up to God. When I was cooking, then a young friend came to our house and saw us cooking. He didn’t leave and I was so sad and expecting him to leave as soon as possible before I finish cooking. I knew courtesy demands giving him part of the meal because it’s not good eating like that in his presence.

Then, something struck my heart. ‘Timmy, you teach giving but you can’t give’. In fact, I understand what giving entails but when it comes to acting, I was about failing. Giving is best when you don’t have much. Then I knew giving is yet to be my personality. Giving is sacrificing what you have for another.

You can’t know if you’re a cheerful giver if you have much. Giving doesn’t require having more before you give but giving more even when you have less. I preach giving but I was about to fail when it comes to reality. Giving is yet my personality.

Are you what you preach? Many are who they think they are not who they really are. When it comes to acting what you’ve said, it becomes difficult.
Many today preach the gospel of Christ not because they have the deepest meaning but because they were born into a Christian Family, hence making them Christians automatically. We’ve missed many things. No more personal encounter with Christ. Reading the bible and learning it doesn’t mean we have the deepest understanding of it. It doesn’t mean we have revelations about it. Mysteries of the word of God are no more revealed because we’ve been deceiving ourselves. No more revelations about God because we think we’ve known all.
We no longer learn,rather we all teach.

Are you what preach? Retrace your ways and don’t feel pompous because people now hail you.
Lastly, giving isn’t when you have more but when you have less yet adding more to another neighbour.
Are you what you say?

How to get the best of you…

How can I get the best of me? This is a question I keep asking myself daily. I feel guilty when I have no reasonable answer to this. In fact, I go online to search “how to get the best of me”. All answers are not satisfying as they’re complicating issues more and more. I was going to give up not until I discovered some things which I’ll like to share with you here;

1.  You  have to see the best in you:  we all have a special gift called “life”. And life itself is the greatest gift we can have. We are here to make the best from life and use our gift for greater purpose. And everyone of us in life have best in us. We often admire others hence, making them best but we forget we have the best in us too. Have you seen the best in you yet? If not, sit and think deeply. Look beyond and see above. I’m sure you’ll see something special about you. Thus, making you the best in what you do. 

2. You have to see yourself as best:  I was guilty of this many years ago. To be precised, I just got the real picture this year. I wanted to become a good writer but seeing other writers write, I lose faith in myself. I am always seeing them as best and seeing myself as a mediocre. I see my articles as irrelevant and see myself as an amateur. Although, I wasn’t so good, yet I should see myself as best in what I do. When you see yourself as best, you feel superior and with that you can continue to give your all in that your special field. Look at yourself and stop looking at others. There’s a hero in you that you have to see. Don’t be ignorant, don’t be foolish. You’re the best and you should act like one. Seeing yourself as best isn’t pride but ego that can make you go higher than you ever imagined.

3. Give your all today: your tomorrow starts from today. Tomorrow isn’t the best way to getting the best of you, it’s today. You have to give your all today and make sure you work towards getting the best. One of those things I say back then was that I am still young to become a writer. If I had known, I would have started early and give my all. Getting the best of you is simply giving your all today. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t be lazy. Lazy people will never get the best of them. Start now, and your later will always thank you.

4. Love who you are: maybe you’ve been guilty of this. I was also ignorant of this too. I loved others but I hated myself. I thought true beauty is the physical appearance not knowing true beauty is what we have inside of us. Many a times, I’ll keep wondering why God created me without a gift or passion. But I later realized God has created me with something special which I never realized because I never loved who I was. When you start to love you, you start to get the best of you. Loving others is so easy but loving ourselves is a lot of hard work to us. We can love ourselves and start seeing the best we have in us. Call yourself good names like; I’m a success, I’m a winner, I’m the best, I love myself etc. I’m sure you’ll start realizing the best in you.

5. Live your life: we all have our lives to live. I live my life and you live yours. Many are living the life of others and this has greater negative effects on them. Because your friend is a poet doesn’t mean you’ll become one. Because you love the life as a musician doesn’t mean you’ll become one. Because footballers earn a lot doesn’t mean you’ll become a footballer too. You don’t have to be carried away by what others do. You have to see yourself and live your life. You have to understand that you run a race yourself. You have to be on your lane and not others’. Live your life and not others’. You’re the original version of you, you shouldn’t become someone else’s photocopy.

6. Get the best in others:  we don’t have to be so selfish. We have to get the best in others too. Many people need help and by helping them we are helping ourselves. The help you render today will totally save your tomorrow from disasters. It’s a must to help others get the best. Go out and make others happy. Be blessing to someone and you’ll be blessed by many.

7. Lean on God: this is something I can testify. Leaning on God is actually the best way to getting the best. Human wisdom is foolish compared to God’s. A man who God teaches is a man of great skills and he’ll always be the best. Are you working alone and not with God? I’ll like you to trace back your steps to God and let him be the forerunner of your life. With God, the best is certained and the best in you will be unravelled. Without God’s help, I wouldn’t have seen the best in me.

I’ll be glad if you got something special from this. I love you. 

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10 motivational facts specially for you.

I was inspired to write this. I hope someone gets inspired and motivated. Happy reading.😃💟👍

1. You’re alive for a reason. Do not kill yourself for any reason. There are reasons for every season. So, reason well…..it’s your season.

2. Relax…..you’ll graduate. You’ll get a job. You’ll become an adult. You’ll find someone who loves you. Don’t forget that you’ve an entire life and it takes time. Take things easy. All you’re facing now is called ups and downs of life. Your ups and downs should take you up and not down.

If Christ is in you and you’re in Christ, you have everything. Jesus Christ will be your all in all.

3. Time decides who you meet in life. Your heart decides who you need in life. Your eyes decides who you want in life. Your behaviour decides who will stay in your life. You decide who you’ll be in life. God decides who you are in life.

4The best of a man is when he sees the best in himself and works toward achieving the best. The worst of a man is when he sees the best in himself but couldn’t make it a reality.

5. Sometimes life challenges makes the strongent become the weakest. We only have to be strong. 

When a door closes another opens. We only have to be optimistic.

6. When you focus on God instead of your problems. Then you’re already more than a conqueror.

7. Someone special makes you special. Someone special takes you special.

Someone special treats you special.

Someone special handles you special.

Someone special loves you special.

Someone special calls you special.

Someone special name you special.

When you have someone special in your life,don’t ruin it by making stupid decisions.

8. Fear is a major factor that stops man’s achievement and happiness.

Faith is a major factor that restores man’s achievements and happiness. The two ‘Fs’ depend on us. It’s a choice thing.

9. The most important thing about life is life itself. It’s either you fail life or pass life.

Don’t let things get you down. You’ve got many reasons to look up to God and say thanks to him.

10. Not how hard you pray but how hard you believe. Not how many hours of prayers but how many hours of faith.

Never put God last and you’ll never be last.
Jesus isn’t the only son of God, I am also. 


I’m glad you’ve been following this topic. We shall continue from where we stopped.

Illustrations on the wrapper and gift

3. The quantity of the wrapper doesn’t determine the quality of the gift. Also, the quantity of the gift doesn’t determine its quality. Honestly, we should know that the weight or height of the gift doesn’t determine how valuable it is. Imagine someone giving you a wrapped gift which is heighty and weighty but after removing the wraps you saw a gift which isn’t valuable. Also, imagine someone giving you a wrapped gift which is small and light but after removing the wraps you saw a valuable gift worth millions of dollars. I’m sure by now you should understand that it doesn’t matter your height, weight, stature, skin color, tribe, country or anything, there’s beauty in you and you are valuable. 
Because you’re physically,mentally or educably retarded doesn’t mean you’re not valuable. You have a special beauty in you that can’t be seen unless the wrap is removed. You have to remove that thought of physical challenge and develop the beauty in you. You don’t have to bother or be disturbed by what others say about you. Remember, people’s opinions of you shouldn’t become your reality. There’s something  valuable in you, make sure you see that and let it be revealed.
Confidence and intelligence will never stop being beautiful. If you can draw, do it. If you can sing, do it. If you can write creatively, do it. If you can talk or speak, do it rightly. If you can Dance, do it. If you can bake well, do it. Is there anything special you can do? Please do it. Just make sure they are done in the right ways and accordingly. Make sure God is happy about it. Be confident on what you do. You’re intelligent, make use of it rightly. The wrapper doesn’t matter in as much the gift is valuable enough. Your physical challenges shouldn’t stop the valuable aspect of you. You’re to challenge your challenges and get your beauty once and for all. 

Trust me,there’s a beautiful you inside of you. Don’t kill the beauty in you.
4. The gift is not useful when not used or when misused. The beauty of a gift is in its proper usage. I’ll explain this in the next part.
Thanks reading this. I hope you’ll learn something from this.  We shall continue in the 4th part.

To be continued…


There’s this strong will in me.

 I believe I can achieve my goals in as much we have others who achieved theirs. 

I believe I can touch the sky and it doesn’t matter my height.

I believe I can love passionately and also make people love themselves.

I believe I can cater for the less privileges and make them smile.

I believe I’ll be great some day and make other people great by mentoring them.

I believe some days the whites won’t see the blacks as inferior or bad people again.

I believe I can get to places which people think will be difficult to get.

I believe I can break records which in the real sense can be humanly impossible.

I believe I can make impact in this perverse generation and get the best for my world.

I believe I can change the status of my family and make a good reputation anywhere I go.

I believe I’ll still travel to US for my university education and make my nation and continent proud.

I believe I’ll become one of the best youngest bloggers who changed their world through their blog.

I believe I will someday meet someone who will make my dreams come true.

I believe I can.

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