How to make impact: the two steps you need to know

I have read a lot of books on “finding meaning in life.” I have watched a lot of videos about “purpose.” I have surfed the internet on “making impacts.” But the more I do these things, the more I feel more burden. Sometimes, I get frustrated. If you’re just like me, I’ve got this simple fact for you today. Let’s kick off.

Here are the two facts:

1. Bad is not always bad.

2. ‎Good is not always good.

1. Bad is not always bad
A young man discovered how poor he’s in character. He’s lazy. He’s a coward. He complains too much. He gets annoyed easily. Then he went to see his mentor. His mentor told him to stay in the forest alone for a year. It was difficult for him but he did it. He saw wild animals and got used to them. He saw darkness and understood the power of light. He saw no one and stopped complaining.

The forest shaped him. In fact, after that year, he later became a character coach. He developed the right characters. Today, this young man is helping a lot of people because he understood what it means to have a poor life.

Now, what’s your bad side? What’s your weakness? What negative impact are you having? Trust me, you can turn it all around. You can be positive. You can teach us with your experience.

Have you been smoking? You can turn it around and help other smokers stop it. Are you termed “armed rubber”, you can turn it around and safe other people. Turn your bad side around and you’ll see that bad isn’t always bad.
To make a positive impact, you have to start from yourself. Discover your bad attitude or character. Help yourself and then after you discover your growth, help others in growing.

Saul, before he became Paul, persecuted Christ’s followers. And then later, he became a great apostle for Christ. See, that bad isn’t for you. It’s meant for your growth. Don’t tarry there because you’re meant for impact.

This is the first step of impact.

2. Good Is Not Always Good:
There are times that we feel we are too good and fail to discover more of ourselves. God has planned best for us and not good. People tell us how good we are and we feel comfortable in such situation. Oh dear, you’re not meant to just be good, you’re meant to be best.

Yes, you have that gift. You’re talented. You have the ability to change your world. But if you ain’t using these goodness in you, then good isn’t good.

David knew what he has. He knew he was good but he didn’t stop there. He went further to prove that. He went further to becoming the best. He didn’t do it in selfishness, he did it in God’s direction.

Daniel was good but he later became the best because he carries the presence of God in him.

You’re also carrying the presence of God in you. Do not aim at being good alone. Aim at being the best and walk in God’s direction. Use your gifts for humanity. Use your talent to solve problems. Use your abilities to change your world.

Don’t just sit at setting selfish goals. Don’t just wish to be happy and rich. Wish to follow God’s plan and take that mantle. Explore what God has given you and you’ll become the Solutionist our world has been waiting for.
You’ll become the light in the darkened world.

Remember, good is not always good if you’re meant to be the best. Don’t tarry at being good, tarry at being best!


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