You are blessed

Take a moment, think about who you are and not who you think you should be.

Think about what you have and not what you think you should have.

Think about what you’ve achieved and not things you think you should have achieved.

Count your blessings and name them. You’ll realise how blessed you are.

You’ve been given the gift of life, use it well.
Take a moment and thank the lord for his blessings upon you because  you are blessed.

Impact Words.

6 thoughts on “You are blessed

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      1. MAybe not happy but at peace with things as they are. Seeing something as it is instead of thinking and overthinking about what could be would be and blah blah blah. 🙂


  1. There’s a song by a great woman I love and respect. Her name is Sinach and the song is titled “I’m blessed”. Whenever I feel kind of down, the holy spirit reminds me of how blessed I am and then I find myself playing that song. I love good music they act as antedote for relief any day and anytime.
    You are more blessed for sharing.

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    1. Oh! I’m sorry for this late reply.

      Yeah, I love that song too. Good music heals the wounds of the soul.
      I’m a music lover too!
      You’re more blessed for commenting😃
      Thank you


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